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The Messy Mamas

The Leopard Puff Spirit Tee

The Leopard Puff Spirit Tee

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Puff Tees are IN! This leopard tee feature puffed vinyl which gives it a super cool 3D effect! Design look WILL vary depending on font letters needed. Each design will have a heart removed and added to the sleeve along with personalization to match the sport/activity or to add to add a number. If you do not see your desired sport or activity, please e-mail me at and I can add it.

First, choose your sport or activity. Then use the Relative & Number Personalization box to add any relative to read like the following: baseball mama, cheer gigi, soccer papa, softball mama, wrestling sis, volleyball bro, football aunt, basketball cuz- whatever you'd like it to say! You can only use 4 characters for a relative. Nothing larger will fit. Lastly, add in your Number if you would like on in place of a matching sport emblem.

If you do not want a sport but DO WANT a relative name, please choose "NO SPORT", This option is for people who only want a mascot name with a relative, like "leopards mama" or "tigers gigi".

If you do not want a sport or relative, please choose "NO SPORT OR RELATIVE", This option os for people who only want a mascot name.

If you would like your tee to have a team mascot name, such as "Warriors", "Leopards", "Tigers", ect., Please put it in the "School Mascot" box . 

What is puff vinyl?
Puff Vinyl gives an effect that the vinyl is "puffy" or embossed on your clothing. The puff has a wrinkle effect that will vary depending on the design and type of clothing it is being pressed on.

Turn Around Time:
These are customized and made to order. Turn around time is 14-21 business days.

Available to be picked up (From the Rostraver, PA area) for free or shipped right to your house. Orders over $50 qualify for free shipping so if you would rather pick up, please let us know. An e-mail will be sent when and where you can pick up your order.

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